Do you dream of cozy family holidays on smaller streams? Or should there be speed across the field when you break the waves? Whatever you're looking for, you'll find a model from OSAGIAN that matches you and your needs – from the popular SOLO to larger models with room for the whole family. Click on the individual models and read more – and feel free to contact us if you need help.
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5 things all our canoes have in common:

  • All canoes are handmade in Denmark.  The bottom is fully welded and the canoe is assembled by hand with almost 500 rivets.

  • They are made of aluminum that makes them (almost) impossible to destroy and very durable.

  • Unlike other canoes, OSAGIAN canoes have low ends so they don't get caught in the wind out on the  lake – and high keels that make it track right in the water. 

  • The canoes are robust and your OSAGIAN canoe can last for several generations. 

  • There is no maintenance – you can basically leave your canoe under the chestnut
    tree in the garden for several years, and the only difference will be that it may have taken on a little color. If you ask us,
    OSAGIAN canoes only get more beautiful over the years. 

  • How to find the right canoe for your needs

    Whether it's your first time looking at canoes or you're becoming a seasoned rot tea, it can quickly get a little confusing to find your way around lengths, numbers and abbreviations – but don't worry, it's actually not that complicated. 

    Let's take a concrete example to make it a little easier to understand: 15.STD.2 (3) (*1)

    → 15. STD.2 (3) (*1)

    The first number indicates the length of the canoe – in this case, for example, the canoe is 15 feet long. 

    15.STD.2 (3) (*1)

    The abbreviation here means that it is a standard canoe – STD simply stands for standard. We also have canoes called STD X, where the X means that the canoe is extra wide.

    15.STD. 2 (3) (*1)

    The number after the abbreviation tells how many fixed seats are mounted in the canoe

    15.STD.2 (3) (*1)

    The first parenthesis indicates the maximum number of people we advise to be in the canoe.

    15.STD.2 (3) (*1)

    The number in brackets with a star tells how many extra loose seats can be mounted in the canoe in addition to the fixed ones. 

    Is it still a bit confusing? Don't worry – it's easier than it looks

    When you click on the individual models, we have made sure that it is easy and manageable for you to navigate. You don't need to be an expert to order your new canoe – it's our job to be. 

    Are you still having a bit of a hard time figuring out which model is right for you? No problem – contact us here and we'll find out together.

    Customer service

    We are available from monday to friday to answer your questions.

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