17 FMX.3
17 FMX.3
17 FMX.3
17 FMX.3
17 FMX.3
17 FMX.3

17 FMX.3

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The largest fishing canoe from OSAGIAN is perfect for family trips, where there may also be room for the four-legged member. The canoe has three fixed seats and plenty of room for packing both, fishing tackle and the big catch.
  • The largest fishing canoe from OSAGIAN with room for the family and the big catch.
  • Possible to attach a motor, so you can get around on the water easily and quickly.
  • Light canoe, which can also be paddled by hand.
The canoe is designed specifically for fishing trips, so everything that needs to be in order when the fishing rod is used has been taken into account.

The perfect canoe when the whole family goes fishing

Our 17-foot Fisherman is OSAGIAN's largest fishing canoe, and with three fixed seats, there is room for both the family and the four-legged to go fishing. The canoe is specially designed for fishing trips with a tansom to attach a motor  and plenty of space for gear and cargo

It's easy to attach your own motor, so you can easily and quickly go on longer trips to the best fishing spots – but thanks to the lightweight aluminium design, the canoe can also be paddled by hand

3 things you need to know about 17.Fisherman.3:

  • It is our largest fishing canoe.  OSAGIAN 17.Fisherman.3 is with its 17 feet our largest fishing canoe. The canoe is therefore ideal if there is to be room for family, friends, (hunting) dogs, fishing tackle and catching. 

  • There is room for the whole family. Where the smaller Fisherman model can accommodate a maximum of 2 people, this model has 3 fixed seats, so whether you are one, two or three, there is plenty of room in the canoe. 

  • Robust, stable and maintenance-free.  The large fishing canoe has a fully welded aluminium bottom, and it is assembled with almost 500 rivets. And above all, it is designed to withstand both wind, weather and the test of time. 

  • Hand-built fishing canoe that can withstand tough conditions

    17.Fisherman.3 is a hand-built canoe designed according to all the rules of the art. It is stable in the water, easy to control and even easier to have fun in. All in all, this means that you get an incredibly solid canoe that is almost impossible to destroy. 

    Looking for a smaller fishing canoe? Then our 16 foot Fisherman with 2 fixed seats might be just the thing for you >>

    17.Fisherman.3 is best for: Those who want to be able to take your family or friends on a fishing trip. The 17-foot canoe has plenty of space, so you can have both gear and company on the trip.

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