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OSAGIAN canoes ensure you the best setting for the greatest adventures. Each canoe is hand-built in Denmark and US with a focus on giving you the best experience when you are on the water. Every detail and rivet are carefully considered, so you get an uncompromising and robust canoe – ready for adventure.

Are you ready for your next adventure?

Canoes built for both big and small adventures

OSAGIAN canoes are built to last. Every canoe is made by hand – from scratch. We rivet and weld each and every one, and before your canoe lands with you, we test it thoroughly to see if it is 100% tight. Twice.

  • Hand-built in Denmark and US, so no two canoes are alike.
  • Light and raw aluminium that ensures durability – it is almost impossible to destroy.
  • The perfect setting for adventure – whether it's on lake, stream or river.
  • Maintenance-free – and your canoe will become more beautiful over the years.
  • Sits well and stably in the water, so you can focus on what's important.

In other words: When you invest in an aluminum canoe from OSAGIAN, you are not only investing in a canoe that can be inherited; you are investing in endless experiences and adventures.

Are you looking for a reliable canoe that can be the setting for your next adventure?

Hand-built canoes since 1976

OSAGIAN has been equal to robust quality canoes since 1976, when the American manufacturer put the first canoes in the water. Although the design is almost unchanged, a lot has happened since. 

Today, OSAGIAN is 100% Danish-owned, with production facilities in both Denmark and United States. Here we hand-build thousands of canoes every year. The production team is small, but our dreams are big – and we deliver and ship canoes all over the world.

Customer service

We are available from monday to friday to answer your questions.

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OSAGIAN canoes

Designed with your experience in mind

When the excursion takes place in a canoe, it should be about togetherness, nature, and experiences and not just the canoe. Therefore, we have made an effort to create a canoe that is stable in the water, is easy to control  and is affected as little as possible by weather and wind conditions.

At OSAGIAN, we are the only canoe manufacturer to weld the entire bottom from front to aft – and then we rivet it together with pneumatic tools. We do not use adhesives, tape or other sealing materials. Instead, everything is fully welded and full-rivited, so your canoe is tight forever. This means that you are guaranteed the strongest aluminum canoe on the market.

Family vacation or solo trip? We have the canoe that makes the trip worth remembering

Is there anything we can help with?

Do you have questions about one of our models, or are you in doubt about which canoe to choose?  We are always happy to talk to you and answer your questions. 

We love to meet our customers and watch our craft come to life. Therefore, you also get personal delivery, where you get both canoeing and good advice delivered right to your door. 

Do you have any questions?

OSAGIAN CANOES is expanding

OSAGIAN CANOES based in Denmark is teaming up with OSAGIAN CANOES USA. By having a second assembling line located in the U.S we can now serve and supply the U.S. market.

YES – OSAGIAN CANOES are BACK in the US – Just as it should be!

U.S. Adress

Osagian Canoes USA
Scott Paulsen
Beaufort, Missouri