12 SOLO.1
12 SOLO.1
12 SOLO.1
12 SOLO.1
12 SOLO.1
12 SOLO.1
12 SOLO.1

12 SOLO.1

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SOLO is one of our most popular models, and for good reason. The handmade aluminum canoe is a mix between a canoe and a kayak, making it both fun and versatile. It is rowed like a kayak, but it is as stable as a canoe.
  • Handmade aluminum single person canoe
  • Mix between canoe and kayak
  • 12-foot canoe that fits everyone – regardless of weight and experience
The SOLO model fits everyone – regardless of weight and experience. The canoe has a backrest, footrests and a fixed luggage strap on the rear, so you can easily prepare for your trip out into the blue.

SOLO is the canoe anyone can go on an adventure in

SOLO is one of our most popular canoes because it's easy to use – and even easier to have fun in. 

The canoe is a mix between a canoe and a kayak, which means that it is rowed like a kayak – but is stable as a canoe. That way, you get the best of both worlds. And then it means that you can sail the SOLO completely without experience. 

3 things to know about SOLO from OSAGIAN:

  • SOLO from OSAGIAN requires no experience to sail.  It's perfect for the beginner who just wants to get started – but it's just as good for the seasoned one who just wants to have fun on the water in a canoe that's easy to control. 

  • SOLO, like all other canoes from OSAGIAN, is handmade in aluminum,  so despite your modest size of 12 feet, you get an incredibly durable canoe that can withstand the sun, wind, weather and rough terrain. 

  • It is small, nifty and stable.  SOLO is (almost) impossible to tip over, and with buoyancy at both ends, it can't sink. And with its modest weight, it's easy to put on the roof of your car – even when you're alone. 

  • For those who love to go on adventures alone

    SOLO is the perfect canoe for those who love to go on adventures by yourself or just prefer to have your own canoe. Because although SOLO is a small matter, it is incredibly easy to control and very stable. 

    The canoe, like all our other models, is built with buoyancy at both ends so that it cannot sink. In addition, it has two sturdy carrying handles that make it easy to carry. 

    The comfortable seat ensures a good ride – no matter the length. The footrests can easily be adjusted to your height, and at the end of the trip, you can fold the seat down so the canoe is easy to transport from A to B. 

    The SOLO model is best for: Those who love to go on adventures alone. It's a good all-round canoe, but it's best in closed water and stretches of river.

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