15 STD.2
15 STD.2
15 STD.2
15 STD.2
15 STD.2
15 STD.2

15 STD.2

Sale price17.400,00 kr
Here you get a stable canoe with room for up to 3 people – that is, you can put a small child down at the bottom of the canoe or choose to have one extra loose seat mounted on the crossbars. If you order the canoe as it is, it comes with 2 fixed seats.
  • 15.STD.2 is perfect for day trips where there is plenty of space, even if you are two adults in the canoe.
  • Although there is room for 3, the canoe can easily be paddled by one person.
  • The canoe comes with 2 fixed seats with the possibility of mounting one extra seat on the crossbars.
15.STD.2 is perfect for those who love to go on day trips or shorter overnight trips – here there is plenty of room for two-three people and light packing.

15.STD.2 – A really good all-round canoe

Our 15 is a really good all-round canoe, as it is easy to control, while there is still plenty of room for both you and a small pack.  This means that you get a solid canoe that is stable in the water and at the same time easy to control. 

The canoe is perfect for the couple who want to go on an adventure together or the little family who wants to be able to take a child, dog or a little pack with them on their trip out into the blue. 

3 things you need to know about the 15.STD.2 aluminum canoe:

  • 15.STD.2 is stable and easy to control.  You get an incredibly durable and robust canoe that lasts for endless adventures.  The canoe has buoyancy at both ends, and then it is slightly lower both front and rear, so it is not caught in the wind. This means that you get a stable canoe that is easy to navigate.

  • A good beginner's canoe. Our 15.STD.2 is a good choice for beginners who may need to invest in their first canoe. It is small, easy and a little lighter than the big brother 17.STD. This means that it is easy to transport and there is plenty of room for two people plus light packing. If you want, you can have one extra seat mounted in the middle of the canoe, so you can be three. 

  • It's a small, good all-round canoe. 15.STD.2 is designed to be easy to use, whether you are one or three in the canoe. The canoe is ideal for shorter day trips, but in reality it is only your adventurous spirit that sets the limits. 

  • Hand-made canoe in aluminum - perfect for adventures and nature experiences

    15.STD.2 from OSAGIAN is hand-built from start to finish. We fully weld the base and assemble each canoe by hand with almost 500 rivets. And before we deliver the canoe to your place, we have tested it thoroughly – twice. 

    This means that you are guaranteed a stable, durable and incredibly robust canoe that can take you on many adventures. 

    15.STD.2 is best for: Those who want a versatile canoe for shorter trips and day trips – but who also want the opportunity to go on adventures alone.

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